Blood Clotting And How You Can Prevent It

The human body is a complex organic machine that is centrally controlled by one organ. This one organ is your heart and is responsible for keeping you alive and functioning. How it does this is by pumping blood through your cardiovascular network to all parts of your body including other vital organs that keep you alive. Your blood itself is a very complex substance. This red fluid consisting of blood plasma has these tiny particles floating in it called the red and white blood cells. These red blood cells are what carry oxygen to various parts of your body, the heart is just getting them to those parts and back. Now that you think about it, there’s about ten pints of blood being pumped through every inch of your being and each breath you take is filling this blood up with oxygen, feeding the rest of your body parts. The human body is truly a marvellous thing. However, what do you think happens if one of your blood vessels gets blocked somehow, how do you think that will affect your blood pressure and ultimately you?

blood_clotSometimes your blood can clot when it’s not supposed to and clog up your blood vessels. This is called thrombosis and given the magnitude of the clot, this can be very dangerous. Blood clots are one of the main causes of strokes and in the worst case scenario heart attacks as well. So it pretty much goes without saying that blood clots are in no way healthy. Now that we’ve established that, let’s shed some much needed light on what causes these clots so we can avoid them and stay healthy. Research has shown that a lack of physical activity can sometimes trigger platelets in your blood, resulting in clots that get caught in the narrow ends of your arteries and vessels. Remember that one time you were being too lazy and your mother told you to go play outside instead of staying in and lazing around because it’s just not good for you? Well, she was right and science is on her side of the argument. By regulating your blood flow through activities that increase your blood flow, you can keep your arteries and vessels clean and therefore clog free. Now, naturally your body understands that you may need to be lazy from time to time and there are certain substances present in your blood that exist just to break down these clots but they aren’t going to help you all that much if your lifestyle is unhealthy to begin with. For instance, if you eat a lot of food with saturated fats, your blood vessels ae going to have fat deposits and therefore become narrow, making it easier for clots to clog the passage of blood. According to scientific findings you can save yourself by exercising at least a little bit every two hours, Get that blood flowing!


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