Private in-person healing sessions
Sessions may be conducted using a massage table, or with the client seated comfortably in a chair, or standing up. Clients remain clothed at all times. A parent or guardian must be present at every moment during sessions on children aged 18 or less. The Practitioner will use only light touch, never manipulation, force, or massage.

Facilitate healing circles
Groups of people learning & working together are called healing circles. I love to do this work! It is effective, informal, and fun, and an opportunity for everyone to participate in group healing, and in actually learning and doing the work.

Distant healing sessions (arranged by telephone.)

Distant & hands-on pet sessions.

Institutional visits in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN area and adjacent areas of Western Wisconsin.
Hospital, nursing home and hospice visits in my local area can be arranged, as well as in-home visits for housebound clients.

Travel to distant client by special arrangement.

“Fun”damentals of Energy Healing

Live Basic Course, taught in two-day weekend workshops.

This class is for learners of all ages. Certainly health care professionals are included, and classes are often a mix of lay people and professionals. Many have never taken a healing workshop, and everyone learns the work effectively.

Energy work is naturally easy & fun to learn. Everyone has this ability! It is an ability that we all have, whether a complete novice, a licensed healthcare professional, or practitioners of other healing modalities. It allows a dimension of healing that heretofore has not been possible.

Many friendships have begun in the live workshops, associations that began with a profound experience that for many participants, have been life-changing. Absolutely amazing things happen in these classes!

Weekend video workshops for groups of 4 or larger.
Watch Richard Gordon, author of “Quantum Touch — The Power To Heal,” teach a weekend workshop and practice the techniques with the assistance of the facilitator.

Willing to travel in Midwest /Upper Midwest for live workshops.

Special interest in teaching healthcare professionals in groups

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