The Work

What are the “Fun”damentals?

This is something that you can do very easily to help your family, friends, clients and peers when nothing else seems to be available or effective. You will be astonished at the results.

The work is a method of hands-on healing that is so effective and simple, it has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Practitioners use breathing techniques, light touch, intention, body- awareness meditations and hand positions. There is never any manipulation, massage, or force, and only very light touch is used.

Sessions are conducted with clients fully clothed, and can be done literally anywhere, such as in their home, in a café, airport, car, or in the practitioner’s place of work. A massage table may be used for comfort and convenience, but the client can be comfortably seated, or even standing up. No rituals, prayers, tools, candles, incense or music are needed to do this work. Wherever the practitioner’s hands are, he or she can do a session.

If the client has specific issues, such as an injury, illness or pain, the practitioner will usually begin a session by placing hands at the area of concern. The principles involved are those of resonance and entrainment.

The practitioner, by using special breathing and body-awareness techniques, will raise his or her vibration. The process of resonance and entrainment is a well-known process of normal everyday physics, wherein two vibrating entities such as strings on a musical instrument will tend to try to vibrate in unison. Resonance and entrainment causes the client (recipient) to match the vibration of the practitioner. The patient’s body will then begin to accelerate its own healing processes. Practitioners learn how to hold a very high vibration in their hands to create a powerful “field” of healing life-force energy. Since one’s own energy is not being used, practitioners do not become depleted, and in fact also become energized while doing the work

During sessions, pain often moves from location to location, and the practitioner will “chase the pain” until it is greatly diminished or gone. Emotions sometimes surface during sessions, and life-changing releases of old retained wounds are not uncommon.  Please notice that the word “healer” is never applied to the person conducting a session…that person is the “practitioner.” The “healer” is always the client!

A higher vibration and the body’s own innate intelligence are the forces that bring about change, healing and wellness. The high vibration affects matter on a subatomic or quantum level and works its way up through cells, nerves, muscles and other tissues, until the effects can be seen, at the level of the bones. Before the bones move, many smaller changes are taking place! The vibration of a loving touch is a powerful force indeed, a force of greater allowing…..allowing the natural processes to come in and effect change.

Sessions can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or longer, and multiple sessions may be needed for long-standing or stubborn issues. Often, dramatic healings occur during five-minute demonstrations of The Work.

For practitioners, techniques blend seamlessly and easily, enhancing their effectiveness.  Practitioners are encouraged to blend techniques, to experiment, and to share with others what has been learned. For example, The Vogel crystal method and Reconnective Healing® are two methods I have used at times in combination with several quantum modalities, which I use in approximately 95% of the time during sessions.

My long background and experience in nursing and anesthesia and my modest ability as a medical intuitive are also strong tools for me.

This is a wonderful, easily-learned technique for everyone. Children as young as eight years can do this work, and lay people and health care professionals can do it with equal skill and equal results.



  • Inflammation due to injury is greatly reduced.
  • Reduction of pain.
  • Reduced anxiety and depression.
  • Induction of deep relaxation and/or sleep.
  • Emotional release is not uncommon.
  • Accelerated healing of wounds, fractures, and operations.
  • Distant healing.
  • Self healing.
  • Transformational structural alignment occurs from time to time.
  • Gives good results with babies, animals and people under general anesthesia.
  • Nurses and healthcare providers can use it for their patients easily.