Would you like to have a workshop in your area? Please call and we can make arrangements! Choose between:
  • Live Basic Course Workshop — 2 days, weekend
  • Interactive Video Workshop — 2 days, weekend
  • Live demonstration lecture
  • Facilitated Healing Circle.

The “FUN”DAMENTALS Workshop is an evolutionary step up from the previous workshop I have taught since 2005. I have incorporated all I have learned, didactic & experiential, since beginning healing work in the 1970s. There will be MUCH more information and more fun for less cost.

Calendar of Events

Date(s) / Time(s) Event / Location Cost / Details

August 7-8, 2010


September 18-19, 2010

11150 Westwind Dr.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Easy driving directions will be sent upon registration.
Parking at the door.
Bring lunch or dine nearby.  Many good choices less than 1 mile away.


Learn to help yourself & others including pets & make new friends at this 12-hour weekend “Fun”damentals class.
Dress comfortably, bring your lunch…beverages & snacks will be provided.
Price has been reduced 30% from the previous workshop, and much more information will be given! (Prices below.) This is a two-day, 12 hour, weekend class. Easy driving directions, parking at the door.

Who Should Attend This “Fun”damentals Class?

This work is for people of all ages, for lay people and for healthcare workers of all categories. Learning thsi work has changed the lives of many and has provided one of the biggest “Aha!” experiences of their lives. Participants have experienced healing during the classes, and in absolute wonderment and awe, have gone home to their loved ones and friends and have been able to help them immensely, and immediately.

I hold a vision of the future where children on playgrounds will soothe the “owies” of their classmates, where all healthcare workers will use this routinely, daily, to help their patients, where first-responders will have the ability to soothe, relieve pain and assist people in ways they never dreamed possible. In our homes, on the streets, in workplaces and in institutions, what good could be brought with nothing more than a loving, healing touch!

I know that this work will improve your life and the lives of those around you. It will become second-nature to you….you will just go into healing mode so effortlessly and so naturally.

What You Will Learn

  • You will learn a series of breathing and body awareness exercises to help you focus and amplify life-force energy.
  • You will learn how to bring down pain and inflammation in record time.
  • You will learn that you can absolutely observe bones automatically adjusting themselves with a light touch.
  • You will learn how to help reduce or eliminate back pain and get faster and better results than you have ever thought possible.
  • You will learn how to use an extraordinary distant healing method to get truly outstanding results.
  • You will learn how to amplify the power of your sessions by work with chakras, toning and vortexing the life-force energy.
  • You will learn how to work with pets and other animals.


Private healing sessions $80
Distant healing session on phone $80/hr
“Fun”Damentals Workshop $200
Facilitated Healing Circle for your group $150

You never pay for healing…the client is always the healer! You are paying for Practitioner/Instructor time.